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Date: 30 May 2010 09:06:49

we have managed to combine both work and relaxation this weekend ... now all we have to do is manage to slide church back in there on a regular basis and we'll be set. Though I think, for us, at this point, church is not a high priority ... God is no less, just church. But that's okay, we still do go ... just not every Sunday. This weekend we got quite a few jobs done, including finishing the tiling in the laundry (above the new cabinets), so that rooms finished. Also had the second towel rack installed in the main bathroom, so that room's also finished. Took down some wire fencing we had around the grass seeded areas as they're all grassed now and looking lovely. This afternoon we toddled off at 3pm to try coffee at a cafe we haven't tried before - apparently it's had a few incarnations over the years but has recently acquired new owners and a new identity .. the day was warm enough for us to sit on the back deck in the sun, looking out over a lovely calm blue Bass Strait (that's the bit between mainland Australia and Tasmania). Mr Tasmania tells me the vegetarian nachos, cafe latte, and vanilla milkshake were great - I thought the chocolate torte and flat white were equally great. We're looking forward to going back and trying breakfast next. We then wandered home via various detours around the district (we have our little sticky beak routes - we call them 'doing a lap') and got changed to head back to the local hydrotherapy pool for a lovely half hour in a beautiful warm pool - which we are able to book just for ourselves - beautiful way to finish the weekend.