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Date: 10 April 2010 09:15:09

so, cheese making ... probably not for me (well, not at the moment anyway) ... except for the ricotta making, which IS truly easy and yummy! We essentially made a manchego (using cow's milk not sheep though) so it has to age for 3 months ... JD may be enjoying it long before then ;) ... was a good day though, very interesting! I like going to short courses, day classes, etc, have done it for years, not always a success (sometimes VERY boring) but I've usually come away with at least an appreciation of what's involved in things as varied as (today) cheese making, picture framing, leadlight window making, slumped glass design, and no dig garden beds ... Cheese making ... welll ... maybe one day ... at this point we don't eat enough to do it even for economy sakes ... tho' will be making the afore mentioned ricotta, THAT's easy (all I need to get is a proper digital thermometer), and I can eat that on toast, bake it, put it in cakes, make it into pancakes, the list is endless - and Mr Tasmania will eat it too ... and you don't need a huge amount of milk to make very little cheese - 2 litres will make about 500gms of ricotta ... so not too bad leadlighting I will eventually get back to, picture framing I have used and will continue to do so, slumped glass got me a very beautiful bowl but will probably not have the opportunity to do in future as I don't have a kiln (or the necessary interest/skill level to learn how to operate it) ... etc so, fun for a day, looking forward to trying some more stuff out in the future!