of gnomes

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Date: 10 May 2008 01:31:00

did I mention that all the gnomes disappeared a couple of weeks ago? One day they were there, next morning all gone! There were probably 15 or so statues at it's height, including a frog, a polar bear, a worm, fairies, a castle, and lots of gnomes (including one with a solar powered lamp - very cheesy :))

I wasn't really too fussed as it had lasted a lot longer than I thought it would. I fully expected to see the first gnome thrown onto the road after a week, but it just kept growing, and people loved it! A few people we knew were actually quite indignant that they'd gone - and one even phoned the Council to see if they'd 'cleaned them up' - not guilty ... it's still a mystery as to where they'd gone because ... some of them are back!

Yes, we drove out last Saturday to see a big sign saying, simply, 'Why?' at the base of the tree.

As we came back in we saw an addition had been made "Why did you take our gnomes?"

Sunday morning ... there was a gnome!!!!!!

Sunday afternoon - two gnomes and the original frog!

Now there are about 6 gnome and the frog ... I'm going to drive up tomorrow sometime and take a few more pics .....

And today, in the Letters to the Editor of the local rag ... a letter about the gnomes disappearing!!!

I smile every time I think about :), it's all too funny .. and all started with a $2 dwarf/gnome I bought in Mittagong at Christmas!