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Date: 08 April 2010 01:47:03

so things keep plodding along. I'm on hols until next tuesday - hooray (we won't mention the root canal scheduled for Wednesday tho!) ... Mr tasmania is on his way back from the Piem*n River as I type. I've been pootling, just finishing bits and bobs and getting them out of the way, some of which have been on lists since early last year, some for even longer!

And we've been finishing things here too .. and managed to get down to Hobart for four days over Easter which was FABULOUS - lots of shopping and eating and relaxing and catching up and exploring bits of Tassie I haven't seen and even some opera (the observation place the top of Mt Wellingt*n has the BEST acoustics, I couldn't resist!)

so, here we go, an update in pics :)

paths are now finished around the house ... the lower paths here (black) will be covered by the deck 'one day' ... the white paths are now black and finished.

060410 Paths and drainage underway

I planted three abutilon, or chinese balloon flowers, at the end of the plateau - white, orange, yellow - and Mr Tasmania's grass is coming on swimmingly!
060410 Abutilon at the end of the plateau

Mr Tas boxed in the 'conifer garden' ... this is a major work in progress, will not go at great speed, but has commenced, so I'm happy.
060410 JD in the 'conifer garden'

I made a small temporary garden bed with bricks at the top of the front garden wall and filled it with sweet pea seeds - which I have noticed today have popped up! Now, if only the snails will leave them alone ...
April 2010 - sweet peas to be ...

A cool topiary of (I think) an emu in Oatlands, Tasmania ... gorgeous old town down near Hobart.
020410 Topiary in Oatlands, Tasmania

even more gorgeous ... two shots from a walled garden just off the main street of Oatlands - wonderful and very inspiring!
020410 Oatlands - view over the lavender

020410 Oatlands - huge parterre garden

the espaliered apples from the same garden
020410 Oatlands - espaliered apples

and the dry stone walls - done by a local woman
020410 Oatlands - dry stone wall

echoes of our convict beginnings carved by chainsaw from old macrocarpa pines which were due to be taken down ... Campbell Town, Tasmania
020410 Macrocarpa 3 - convict and soldier building the bridge

And Mr Tasmania and a friend outside a new providore in Campbell Town, in a beautiful old building, loving the garden, and their amazing 3 olive and garlic dip - yummy!
020410 Campbell Town