of fog ... or in this case ... smoke

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 31 March 2010 20:30:48

Yes, we are 'smoked' in ... the forestry logged a couple of big coupes West of us over Spring and Summer and yesterday started burning off the rubbish in preparation for planting out new pine trees .... it was quite a sight to see the smoke rising in a huge pall as I drove home from work yesterday ... Overnight, as the air cooled, the smoke has all come down to sit in our little valley ... so we are 'smoked' in ... it was quite eerie actually as we've also got a full moon so it was light and bright and weird out there .. now the sun is coming up through it and it looks very cool. It will rise as the day warms up and a breeze comes up so I'm not too fussed - I start my 12 days off today so I'll be doing all the inside work until the smoke dissipates - which I guess isn't too bad really. In other news, I've just received an email to say I've been accepted into a soft cheese making class on 10 April, led by the lady who owns this place http://www.grandvewe.com.au/ ... should be fascinating!