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Date: 28 March 2010 07:11:37

I went to the Organic and Sust*inable Living Expo today in Penguin (Tasmania) ... I had high hopes that it would not be all hippy dippy Nimbin-like and thank goodness it wasn't :) Was a bit of a hike down the hill to the valley where they had set up (and thank goodness there was a bus back up - I have had two days off work this week with what I have been calling 'intestinal meltdown' ... no details for you but a bit of a side effect of IBS + iron deficiency .... on the plus side this is the first time in months this has happened, where it was for a while there an almost weekly occurance - so yay, sort of!) Anyhoo, listened to an interesting talk on potted vegetable gardens, also M*tthew Evans, The Gourm*t Farmer ... a food critic from Sydney who moved to a little town north of Hobart to see if he could make lovely food from his own hands ... and has subsequently had it filmed - he was very interesting. Watched a demo on no dig gardens which were a bit different from what I have done so that was good ... checked out the chooks, ducks, and pea hens (none of which I'm allowed to have, Mr Tasmania being rampantly anti chook!), had some marinated organic Black Angus beef kebabs (yummy!), a BEAUTIFUL blackberry pie with not too thick hand made pastry (and have a HEDGEROW pie in the fridge for after dinner - apple, loganberry, blackberry, elder berry and raspberry - Mr Tas won't eat berries so it's all mine!), check out the seed displays, and that was about enough for me. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I've just sent off an email to see if there are any places in the Soft Cheese Making Workshop on 10 April ... I think that'd be really interesting! I've got a recipe for ricotta that I'd like to try on my holidays (I've got 12 whole glorious days off over Easter - hallelujah!), maybe I should wait until after the workshop though :). oh yes, and in other news, we have our stovetop back, all fixed, hooray, back in under a week, that's not bad service! Luckily, as in so many things, Mr Tasmania has played sport (in this case squash) with the fix it man :) ... so things have moved along quickly, hooray. So I cooked pasta last night and nothing blew up so that's an encouraging sign! I planted out 6 packets of Sweet Peas today too, some are supposed to be trained up a trellis and get to six feet tall but I've planted then where they'll be tumbling down a bank so hopefully they'll be happy doing that ... we'll see! It's currently settling in for some fairly heavy rain so that should wash them in nicely. I really must take some pics of what we're doing in the gardens ...