of finishing jobs ... and gardening fun

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 14 March 2010 05:20:27

we finished repainting the pillars out the front today - last year they were bagged (with coloured oxides) on the Friday afternoon and we had a wild cyclonic wind/rain storm that night - with the result that the next day the swirling patterned bagged concrete remained ... sans oxide! Very frustrating ... but one of those jobs we would have to 'get to' ... so we got to the front of the garage about a month ago (or I did, finally, and Mr Tasmania did the other half on seeing what I'd done) ... and today we finished the two pillars at the front entry way - and yes it looks great and hooray I'm so glad that's done and can be taken of our lists! That's 'lists' plural 'cause we've both got a number going, on which only a few things are the same :) He's now washing cars and I'm working my way through a garden magazine, ordering free catalogues, and circling inspirational bits. Mr Tas spent 5 hours rotary hoeing the plateau at the front of the house yesterday, then another 2 or so hours raking it, spreading 10kg's of grass seed, raking that in, then setting up and moving his sprinkler. So, hopefully, in a day or two we'll have some green spreading across. We will have to eventually dig up bits of the lawn that is going to result BUT, for now, lawn is the best thing so we don't have a boggy clayey marsh there this Winter. He also rotary hoed my new garden bed ... which is going to be a work in progress for quite a while - I've got the design done and am looking out for the appropriate conifers (it's going to be a conifer garden ... obviously) ... but the ground needs a lot of work before they go in ... giving it a solid ripping up was a good start but there is going to be lots of work with the fork, grass removal, cow manuring, mulching, dolomiting (or maybe not, will have to check), papering/mulching, etc etc etc ... and I think I want large white rocks in and around all the trees so will have to work all that out ... but it's fun so that's fine!