of remembering how to do this!

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Date: 11 March 2010 09:50:53

and things we've been doing

growing (4) sunflowers (only 1 yellow - the other three were bronze / orange tigers, gorgeous, going to grow them again!)

building footpaths around the house so we don't have to slide around it on the clay like last year (will be a while before we have topsoil and grass all around the house)

growing frangipani's (I think they're called plumeria in the US) ... at least semi-tropical so we'll see how he goes when the colder weather sets in!

building access doors so wives do not give themselves hernias when trying to open ENORMOUS and HEAVY shed doors ... let alone trying to close them!

putting in retaining walls and planting japanese m*ples ... the flowers and all are just for pretty for now - we'll change this garden over time but we wanted to get it walled and mulched asap (ie before rain started in March) which we pretty much managed ...

GIANT bale of pea straw for mulch (boiling hot in there tonight after on the weekend and sun this week) .. this is equal to about 12 or so normal bales .. it's HUGE .. pic taken from about 15 metres away ...

just sitting around - amazingly we now have time! I have no idea what Fred (the small one) and JD (the blue one) are looking at but it's obviously interesting