of updating ... again

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 02 March 2010 19:57:43

to summarise: Apparently contact has been made with the Chilli Girl's family in Santiago, all are fine, however so far no news on the extended family out towards Los Angeles and Concepcion ... but this may mainly be due to lack of communication systems so nobody is panicking as such at this point. I am off to the dentist again today, hopefully not with a result of having to have root canal therapy. The foreshore market is on here again on Sunday and I'm going to start to put into action my conifer garden .. I've drawn the plan now I'm going to start buying the plants ... and being conifers they can just live in their pots until I get round to building the garden :) I've also ordered 20 bags of mushroom compost at a bargain price to be delivered on Friday pm - lucky Mr Tasmania gets to help unload those - which will go out on the plateau - so hopefully we'll be out there this arvo with the fork breaking up a bit more clay so it can at least get a teensy bit under the surface. And I've finally, 4 YEARS after having my last one, booked a massage - mind you, she's so busy I can't get in until the 13th but still, I've done it! I've been having progressively more problems with my neck - or, rather, the muscles leading to my neck. Whenever I do heavy garden work ie digging into clay etc the next day I wake up in great pain in the neck region - which is to do with the muscles (big old swimming ones) pulled on it, rather than anything skeletal - this time, at least, there has not been the accompanying needle point over the eye headache! Treatment so far is Adv1l and Deep Heat but I've decided that obviously a regular massage will also assist - it used to be really helpful in this respect - so I've finally done it! And that's about it ... pootling along otherwise, things gradually getting done, finished, organised ... life goes on in fact :)