of worm farms and not enough time in the garden

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 16 February 2010 08:23:31

The worms have arrived! Finally! MR Tasmania gave me a worm farm for Christmas (amongst other things) which you may remember some of my girlfriends finding weird but which I think is FANTASTIC ('cause he bought me something he knew I'd REALLY like!). Anyway, the worms were on order and finally arrived today. It's such a cool kit, with the cardboard wrapping around the whole thing, and the paper wrapping around the coir bedding all designed to be digested by the little tackers as well - so smart! So, they're all bedded in on their coir and under their hessian sack, with some additional well chopped up potato peelings and leftover salad (no dressing, obviously!) ... I've put it next to the compost bin because I don't think even the best of worms can keep up with our vegie scraps and they seem to belong together. I've also just (hopefully) rescued my poor Violent Bean seedings ... after popping up delightfully and loving the rain we had over the last two days they've shrivelled in the heat of yesterday and today :( ... I've water them, put them in larger pots, and watered them with seaweed solution so hopefully they'll revive ... I'm not really bereft if my vegies don't make it this year, I just don't have enough time to spend on them ... it's more infrastructure this year rather than micromanagement :) .. at least I can buy good seasonal vegies and fruits locally though - currently loving the white nectarines and (yay!) Australia naval oranges which just came in today - haven't had an orange in nearly 3 months because I don't like Valencias and the Navals come from the US .. nothing against US oranges but you all know the food mile concept etc .... not that I stick to it religiously but I can't buy US oranges for (mostly) the same reason I can't buy Chinese garlic ... though I can buy sunflower oil from Spain because as far as I'm aware we don't produce it in this country - I try to use other oils but sometimes it's just the best thing :)