of new computers

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 05 February 2010 10:21:47

we have one, it's very exciting, it was a bargain and it's a stand alone desktop ... which means when I have a flex day and Mr Tasmania takes his work laptop away (to work, oddly enough) I am still hooked into the world - hooray! And can also do things like organise photos, work on my landscaping plans, email friends/family etc ... though must admit that I'm starting to like the idea of writing letters again now that we're a bit more settled. We had rain yesterday, which was great, after a loooong humid day ... only 5mm but it soaked straight in and the wind had dropped so the poor old plants actually got some benefit from it. Was handy for Mr Tasmania too, who has been busily shovelling enormous amounts of foundation gravel into the paths he's constructed all around the house. He gave them a bash with the whacker packer this arvo and they're now sitting there in preparation for us to shovel about 3metres of gravel onto it tomorrow (that's cubic metres btw) ... we'll just see how we go with that ;) I'm also working on a design using (at this point) 4 different shapes of conifer for an area around the bend of our drive ... love it when an idea pops almost fully realised into your head and you just have to fill in the details ie names / types of plants (not that I know if I can find them in Tassie yet!), ground preparation etc ... really fun! Love working to a vision :) I'm inspired by the two vases currently on my windowsill as well - Mr Tasmania brought me home some lovely flowers and I have rosemary sprouting ... must get that planted into a pot quite soon actually! ... the garden is an extremely long project but it's great to be getting the foundations happening ;) ... kinda like a house and a marriage now I come to think of it!