of being at home

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 02 January 2010 23:56:29

whilst Mr TAsmania and my parents are at church. We went to the boot sale on the foreshore in Wynyard, with plans to all go to church, but I got them to drop me back at home and go by themselves. I call it unspecific angst ... happens occasionally, once for 6 months re church This time? Well, I had a thought that I actually don't like the two senior pastors .... and when I thought about it again I thought well, it's not that I can't stand them I just don't particularly think much of them ... and that's an unusual position for me, because, out of all the ministers and pastors I've sat under (Christian jargon really paints a picture doesn't it!) over the years I've always had at least RESPECT for the person even if I've disagreed with what/how they preach or they personally give me the pip. That makes me sound unreasonable because I can really only think of a couple who've really bothered me, including one who I like as a person (he's lovely) but absolutely cannot STAND to listen to preach ... and, having been in pentecostal churches for a while, you do tend to acquire an enormous number more pastors than you do in say an Anglican church, where you may have the Minister, his assistant minister, and possibly a couple of other odds and sods ... penty's tend to accumulate hoards! Anyhoo ... I've cleaned the bathroom, a load of washing is nearly finished, I've read half a newspaper, and now I"m going to vacuum .... I may be suffering from angst but at least the house will be heading towards clean :)