Of Mothers Day

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Date: 12 May 2008 12:21:14

No, it's not big news J ... not actually planning on that sort of big news so don't hold your breath!

I did get a mothers day present from JD the blue heeler however .... Apparently he had the urge to get in the LandRover and hoon off to Burnie and get me a pressy - nice of him, don't you think?

As well as a lovely card with a big muddy footprint, I received a 320GB external hard drive - yay! - for the purpose of saving all our photos and otherwise useful items which we would be devastated to lose.

Very very nice!

Now comes the not so fabulous task of going through all the items that we've copied (I mean the originals on the laptop) and deleting all those that I'm not too paranoid about - ‘cause the paranoid ones are staying on the computer, trust me J .... Yes, I know, I have at least three DVD backups of the wedding photos, now a copy on the Hard drive ... I can probably get rid of them ... but I can't help being paranoid :)