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Date: 14 December 2009 10:03:26

a new theme ... I think I've had this one before actually, but time for a change ... it'd be nice to have something christmassy but then everyone's idea of christmas is so different ... mine does not actually involve snow for instance .. and it's more Carol of the Birds and Six White Boomers than the NIne Lessons and Carols (though it has involved those too, in the past!)

not much to say really, house stuff continues, we now have TV after 5 weeks without, the news is great, top gear was good tonight (a repeat but that's okay, still funny), I continue to clean and wash things to put in cupboards, I vacuumed ENORMOUS amounts of dust and fluff from the bedrooms and living room (who could believe the plaster dust is STILL falling - and it's got 3 coats of paint on it!) ... I guess the gusty wild winds we've had for the last three days haven't helped with the dust factor either ... though the gradual coverage of blue metal is helping keep the dust of the driveway down ...

I've been gradually finding and putting up Chrissy decs, which is lovely ... we still haven't put any pictures up so there are no convenient hooks to hang things from and I"m still too precious about it all being new to want to use blue tack or tape ... ah well, next year maybe ... :)

and that's it really ... poor Mr Tasmania is off at an awards night for a school not his own, one which is reputed to go for at least three hours, to hand out one award because the other teacher (who is higher up the ladder and should've done the job) didn't want to go .... he's a good boy but he's very tired and it's the last thing he needed tonight!

Oh, I guess a new thing we've started on is the front entry garden. We (mostly mr T, as I was ill yesterday) spread 3 metres of a lovely mix of grey loam and gorgeous red basalt soil and fenced it off with chicken wire (as JD the pain in the tuckus wonder dog things it's just FABBO to prance around in nice soft dirt!) and bought some punnets of Cape Daisies and Marigolds to plant around the edges. I was hoping to get them in this arvo but have been busy getting lots of other little jobs that've been sitting around out of the way so I'm fairly satisfied anyway. We are thinking of putting a grafted weeping Japanese Maple in the middle of the bed, so it won't get too high, and so it will echo the weeping cherry we already have in the garden ... we have lots of lovely breezes (as well as the stupid gusty wind) so gently wafting weeping habits will be a lovely feature I hope.