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Date: 07 December 2009 07:37:29

the starlet finally has a home - it is permitted in the garage due to the apron finally being finished (ie that means we could drive into it - the starlet not being that flash at a 30cm jump!)

November 2009

7 December 2009 Car in garage

Mr Tasmanian and I lugged the kitchen dresser in today too - finally - and not in one piece either, in case you think we have the strenth of ten, it comes in two pieces and we barely made it - it's heavy! But did much enjoy fossicking about in crates in the shed today to find things to go in it - another 3 crates emptied!

7 December 2009 Kitchen Dresser

so this is how the hallway looks now

7 December 2009 View of hallway

and from either the floor or the dining chairs as our only options we have now gone to an abundance of riches :)

7 December 2009 Lounge City

so, we're coming along ... have not yet gone back to the point of being regular church attendees .. but we're getting there, we've averaged 3 times in 3 weeks (even without going yesterday) so we're on track!