of rain and lounges, house guests and muddy dogs

Categories: house-building, life-in-general, beautiful-husband, jd-the-amazing-blue-heeler

Date: 27 November 2009 22:52:29

it is POURING! An inch from midnight to 6am and it's still going (9.46am) ... according to www.bom.gov.au (select TAS, NW Takone Radar ... we're in Wynyard) it's almost finished ... but my GOODNESS it's rained! And been windy with it so it's swirling around madly. On the up side, I no longer have to find a window washer for our very high outside windows (which will be easy to wash one day when we have a deck) as the rain has been so solid and so swirly it's washed all the windows quite nicely for me :)

It's a great day to sit on our BRAND NEW LOUNGE CHAIRS and just watch the weather ... which I may well be doing later today with our very first house guest - the diva - who came to Tassie last night as support and backing vocals for an R&B performance - unfortunately the headliner had flight difficulties and didn't make it until nearly 10.30pm so the Diva held the whole show together herself - and did a FABULOUS job! I'm picking her up at 11am ... a frew of our plans for the day have been cancelled but we'll still get to hang out and she's excited to see the house - the first person to see it from my family and friends :) (Mr Tasmania's family is, of course, in Tasmania, so a number of them have seen it already!).

JD the wonder dog is currently no longer a lovely blue heeler denim colour ... he's currently orange and brown ... as, far from hiding from the torrential downpour, he has decided that this is the ideal time to go out and dig holes in the big plateau out in front of the kitchen - which is mainly clay ... he's looking VERY attractive - not!

So he's down in his run where hopefully the rain will wash him a a bit and he'll dry out in his kennel ... he's going to be awfully scratchy tomorrow when he dries out and all his lovely moulting hair starts itching ....