of wardrobes and other things

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Date: 23 November 2009 08:45:11

chief amongst the others things being the retrieval of the dryer from the shack, and the movement of the fridge from the laundry into the kitchen. of such seemingly small things are joyous days made!

the washing line is on order so until such time as it arrives I have been using a clothes rack to dry things on (sitting in the window of one of the spare rooms) .. however, as the HUMONGOUS mountain of sheets, towels, teatowels, tablecloths, washers, and assorted other items of linen keep appearing from the steadily diminishing pile of 'stuff' in the shed it has been becoming quite apparent that the drying rack was just not going to cut it - not the faintest hope in heck of keeping up.

so, the dryer was retrieved (which it was always going to be, just possibly a bit later ie when it got cold again) and immediately put into action - 5 loads of washing on Saturday meant 8 loads through the dryer (always wise to have a slightly smaller load when drying towels otherwise it has to go through twice - so halving a load actually saves you 2 goes rather than using 1 more) ... and another load in the dryer yesterday (had to turn it off on saturday, it got dark) - and another load washed and dried today.

Whew! Hopefully we will now resume normal washing service ie two loads a week or so (it's an 8kg washer, so big, and I really don't separate, except into scarily red and scarily fuzzy, otherwise it's all in together - only one minor disaster in 20 years .. and I kinda liked the white linen shirt in its pink incarnation better)

Mr Tasmania has been doing enormous amounts of stuff (including much grass mowing, weeding, and brushcutting, as the grass is almost growing before our eyes, bamboolike) but in the evenings has been pottering along putting together the various shelvings we have chosen for our walk in robe ... he went for a full height 'box' of shelves and another with 4 big metal baskets on the bottom and shelves on top - i have had baskets before and can't stand them so went for two boxes of 4 drawers on the bottom and shelves on the top .. he's now doing the 'end' boxes and putting up hanging rails. There will be other shelves added (it's a 3m high room - I know, it sounds extravagant, but it's kinda by accident - the robe is off our bedroom, which is the bottom level of the split level house ... and we kept the ceilings the same height all the way through 'cause it was cheaper - and actually looked better :) ... we'll be using that space to store things like ski boots, anoraks, suitcases etc, so things that would probably normally end up in your roof space or in the shed, or under the house).

We have our first house guest this weekend, one of my old flatmates, and so have had the mattress for that room delivered today (no actual bed base of course!) and I have moved all of my clothes from there (my temporary wardrobe) to our bedroom .... which may also explain Mr Tasmania's amazing speed on the saw and drill in construction ... there's only so long you can live in a room full of handbags, shoes, and cardigans!