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Date: 19 November 2009 19:47:44

well yes, things have been proceeding ... and we're both a bit weary at this end of the year ... but I have managed to grab myself 5 days in a row off next weekend (including the weekend) as one of my old flatmates is coming to stay for 2 days, so that will give me a good break ... and 'cause I'll be home getting stuff done that will hopefully take a little pressure of Mr Tasmania as well.

in the meantime, today we are (if it stops raining) having the concrete pad out the front of the garage poured ... it's a kind of wonky triangle/oval, full of pebbles (can't think of the word yet, need my morning cuppa!), and will be a wide 'curve' in front of the double garage extending off to the left (as you look at the house) to become the path up to the front door, so will do double duty. Once it's all gone off and has been acid etched and sealed we'll be able to use our front door. We'll also be able to get a small truckload of lovely topsoil to pour into the smallish garden bed left beside the concrete pad, dig the drainage through it, put down the paving stepping stones and get that sorted, then plant it out! No real idea what's going in there yet,only that I'm not buying into what has been the fashion for about four years now of lots of stones with a sparse planting of strappy leaved plants with the occasional larger plant. I actually quite like the look when it's done well but I firstly don't think it would suit the house or it's environment and secondly think it's just about been done to death ... so I'll probably fill it with annuals 'for now' or geraniums or alyssum or something along those lines, just to get something green and colourful happening (maybe a Christmas theme?) and leave the proper landscaping planning into 2010. Any suggestions? :)

In the meantime, here are a couple of pics of the finished flooring in the hallway and kitchen/living room, and the dining room. Dining room arcs and skirts are finally painted so it's finished ... hallway etc have had their arcs / skirts put up and puttied by Mr Tasmania, and are waiting to be painted for when we feel strong enough (it's really a fiddly job as you can't get paint on the walls etc as it's a different colour and as for getting paint on the floor? the horror!)

Hallway floor finished early November 2009

Living room floor finished late October 2009