of unpacking

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Tags: House Building 2009

Date: 25 October 2009 06:22:16

Yes, I am ;) ... I would say we are except Mr Tasmania was down the Pieman River with some mates for the weekend ... so I have transported 3 carloads of stuff (amazing how much you can fit in a Starlet! They're like a little Tardis.) from the shack and the parents in law's house up to the new house. Was very satisfying to start unpacking things and putting things in their places - wine bottles in the new wine rack, knife rack on the bench, jug on the bench (and first cup of tea - green unfortunately but beggars can't be choosers!), lovely bowls and dishes, our gorgeous Kosta B*da green votives, a fabulous crystal 'growth' which friends sent from New Zealand as a wedding present which has survived the journey from Sydney to Tasmania - finding all the treasures we've had packed away for so long - lovely! We've still got an enormous amount of work to do .. but it's all happening, and we'll be spending our first night there on Monday 2 November - can't wait! In the meantime I'll keep packing, transporting, unpacking ... oh yes, and painting architraves .... 5 - 6 hours of painting architraves was also done this weekend - rather a large part of it painted from the prone position ie lying on the floor ... much less harsh on the back than sitting and leaning ...