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Date: 10 October 2009 06:59:26

well what should I talkabout first? Another gorgeous sunny day? Our excitement at having water (cold) and useable loos in the house? (Yes, still excited about them, but even more so now that we've had a full Saturday with access!) Our joy at seeing the first four rows of the dining room floor go down (relatively) easily and beautifully (couple of dud boards with bows in them .. .we've saved them to chop up a bit and fit in later) Or our terror and frenzy and panic and the the adrenaline rush that resulted from standing in said dining room and hearing RUNNING WATER above our heads?!?!?!!?!?!? Yes, the hot water pipe had given way at the 'olive' (apparently this is a joiny bit) ... cue massive panicked rushing off for towels from MissLisa (to put, with the buckets and crates, under the water running from two downlights and an air conditioning vent - including one downlight above our gorgeous new wooden living room floor!), movement at the speed of light of the plumber out of the roof, down the ladder, down the hall (pausing for a nanosecond to turn on the hot water tap in the laundry) and out to the water pump to turn it all off, and Mr Tasmania launching himself INTO the roof to grab the towels I flung up there to try and stop the water from heading where it was going! OH ... MY ... GOOOOODDDDD GOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 Anyway, turns out the 'olives' will have to be replaced with heavy duty olives, most of the water has stopped dripping, I am feeling justifiably proud of myself for nagging Mr Tasmania to get one or more of my crates from his parents garage every time we're there because the crate FULL of my old towels as well as some of our new (well, they were new then!) wedding towels came up on the last trip ... the one in which he whinged when I managed to stuff 10 crates into the back of the landrover when he'd only wanted to bring three. HA! I am also feeling justified in being organised - I have had the odd look from people in the last 6 months when I've said i"m gradually stocking up on cleaning products as I do the weekly shop etc ... to save myself a big shopping effort and bill when we move in ... and it paid off ... kitchen paper towel was in the pantry (only went up this morning!) and was also put to great good use by the plumber in the mopping up ... as were the Danish sugar cookies (a Christmas tradition in my house, on sale already in supermarkets of course!, which I bought last week and put in pantry 'cause I thought it was stupid to take them to the shack and then bring them back up to the house when we move in) ... they were of great assistance when I got the shakes after it all calmed down! I have ricked my right hip, back, and my neck slightly - from launching myself off the top of the soon to be step down into the living with the crate and towels to stop the waterfall landing on our flooring - I didn't want to land flat on my face, didn't want to slide into a wall, didn't want to land on the crate, but was moving too fast to really control anything .. so I'm kinda pleased I'm just a bit twingy actually! Anyway ... it's all just drying out, the plumber will be back and hopefully there will be no disasters, we need to cut some boards down the middle so could go no further with the floor, so we gave up and went mowing :) ... the sun is out, the grass is ris'! Never a truer saying :) ... Mr Tasmania is green from head to toe from using the whipper snipper whilst I got to try out our new hydrostatic mulching ride on mower (courtesy of his brother wanted to buy a brand new one - we bought the old new one!) .. it's awesome! Mate ... I'm SERIOUSLY looking forward to a relaxing weekend sometime soon!!!!!!!