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Categories: house-building, beautiful-husband

Date: 09 October 2009 10:07:43

into spring - yay, the air is cold but the sun continues to be out! so happy about that!

We have basically finished the living room - all I have to do is a final coat of paint on the architraves - VERY carefully above the new floorboards! We'll hopefully put the stairs in next Thursday and then that's it.

And speaking of things finished ... we now have flushing toilets, cold water (hot water still to be connected up), heat pump, and balustrades on the back patio.

SO nice to get up there tonight, feel the lovely 20C temp in the house, and know that I no longer have to do a drive into town if I need a loo - I'm seriously okay with going behind a bush (not thrilled, but okay) however there is not one single spot (unless you go down the muddy steep hill to the bushy muddy snakey dam!) around our block where you can't be overlooked by a house .. admittedly they are a fair way away but a full moon is a full moon, if you get my drift, and I really don't need people running for their binoculars to check if they're actually seeing what they think they're seeing! The relief (pun intended) of having a working loo available to me is almost palpable ... and now I"ll probably not need to go away whilst we're finishing the building!

Anyhoo ... great feeling to have these bits finalised! Tomorrow we start flooring the kitchen / dining area, heading towards the hallway ....