of thanks

Categories: life-in-general

Tags: House Building

Date: 03 October 2009 12:17:02

can I just take a moment to say thanks to all of you who have been so enthusiastic and encouraging, both here and in other forums (Forae?), whilst we've been building this house. It has really meant so much that you have been interested and enthusiastic and encouraging and excited for us. It's been a long (nearly) 7 months and the end truly is in sight but honestly, sometimes it really seemed as if it would never be finished. As you may know, it's rained ..a lot ... for the last 3 months ... which has just made things harder - both physically in the building area, but also psychologically, as it's just flat out depressing and makes everything so much harder - getting up early, going to the house, going to work, coming back to the house, going to bed .. trying to be good owners of our dog ... and trying to look after ourselves as well! Your comments have really meant so much to both of us during this time, so thank you all, truly, from the bottom of our hearts - you've really helped us build this house!