of new pictures - finally!

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Date: 03 October 2009 11:42:12

Hi all, finally I have had time (and access to the right laptop) to upload some new pics ;)

Here we have the carpet in the master bedroom (and a rapidly disappearing Mr Tasmania).
20 Sept - 3 Oct 2009 Carpet and disappearing husband

Here are the septic drains and tank - hallelujah the rain stopped long enough and the drains went in and were covered on Thursday - miraculous!
20 Sept - 3 Oct 2009 Septic tank and drains happening

The beginnings of the floating floor - just laying out a few boards to see how it all works ... let the stressing out begin!
20 Sept - 3 Oct 2009 first panels of flooring

And the flooring is well underway ... don't let these pics fool you, I've been doing a lot of box opening, board removal, and most of the board selection and layout - as well as putting in the odd row, cleaning up of glue, laying out of foam, a bit of tapping together .... definitely a partnership project this one!
20 Sept - 3 Oct 2009 More floorboards

Lots of progress on the living room floor ...
20 Sept - 3 Oct 2009 Lots of progress on living room floor

And this is where we're up to - 28m2 and approx 60'ish to go .... but we really only need to finish the living room so we can put the stairs in (living room and master suite is down a level to the rest of the house) ... we need to put the balustrades on the back patio and the plumber and electrician should finalise their bits this coming week ... and then with the stairs we should have enough done for the inspector to grant us occupancy! and then we keep doing floors, keep finishing off, and move in around all that :)

3 Oct 2009 Living Room floor