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Date: 01 October 2009 12:04:55

or a great feeling of it anyway! With a bit of a slip and a slide on behalf of the excavator (and a bit of watching through fingers over eyes on my behalf) the septic drains have been dug, half piped, hessian covered, rocks over hessian, more hessian, then dirt .. and they're done. messy mounds of dirt along lines of drain from the septic tank, which will gradually settle over time to eventually be flat(ish) ... a little more plumbing to go and very very soon we will be done! And even better, when I arrived at the house at midday te electrician was installing the outside unit of the heat pump - hooray! I was even more amazed when i went inside and actually jumped and said ooo, lights! Every light in the house was ON! and they look so good, we're thrilled! it was very exciting setting the clocks on the microwave and oven too! Mr Tasmania arrived later and we cleaned up and had dinner then commenced laying the floating floor boards - very very exciting but super stressful - we're scared we're going to really mess it up! Two intelligent people overthinking things i think but, well, we've never done it before so I guess a few nerves are okay. We've done four rows and will (hopefully) finish the living room tomorrow. the rows we've done look absolutely gorgeous! So pleased with it.