of more wild weather

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Date: 27 September 2009 08:09:37

enormous gusty freezing winds today all over the Eastern seaboard and Tasmania ... we just thought it was wild, wasn't pleasant driving out through the first few bends from here this morning as it's through the giant forest - scary! But we thought it might get better as we went up top .. but no! Worse! Apparently the power went out down here at noon and popped back on around 4pm ... Mr Tasmania's parents lost power around 9am and, as far as we know, it's still not on now at 6pm ... at least we haven't had the damaging rains they got down south today to go along with the violent winds, small mercies! We gave up on the inside jobs requiring power as we had none and, after discovering our tv aerial had literally been ripped off the house, and a heap of trees are down over our fence down near the dam, we just decided we'd do the fencing we'd planned to get to, spread the mushroom compost on the plateau, and call it a day. That took long enough but he's been able to read the paper and we've caught up for a cuppa with some friends we haven't seen for ages, so it's been well worth while for the electricals to go out - we got stuff done but also relax and catch up time. Very glad that no major damage has been done though!