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Date: 26 September 2009 07:10:55

It's very very quiet around here ... the AFL Grand Final is in it's last 10 minutes .... actually, quick score check, last 5 minutes with ST Kilda 67 and Geelong 66 ... I'm the only person in Tasmania and Victoria, I'm fairly sure, who has not watched the entire match :) ... Mr Tasmania is round at a mate's watching - luckily, none of them barrack for the two teams playing so they have been enjoying (loudly and with much beer I'd say) what looks to have been a very very close game! Geelong came second in the Grand Final last year and St Kilda have only ever won one grand final - in 1963? - the sixties anyway! If St K win today the man who was captain of the team that one that final will present the cup - would be a nice thing I think ..... anyway, we continued on our finishing projects this morning, as we wait for a run of fine days to dry the ground sufficiently for the septic system to be finished (without this we cannot move in). I vacuumed the new carpet and the house (again) and wiped yet more dust from all the kitchen surfaces (lots has fallen throughout the week so air is a lot clearer too - bonus!). I also washed the floors of the laundry, bathroom, and en suite, so they look lovely and clean now - briefly I'm sure! Mr Tasmania took advantage of the sun this morning (it's pouring torrentially currently) to paint the floor of the garage, much to my relief, as he's been talking about it for quite some time! One more coat, skirting boards on, and the garage is finished. There will be shelving added later but for now, it will be done - hooray!. We also spread some of the mushroom compost I got at a bargain price about 3 months ago - it's VERY mature, that's all I'll say about it, use your imaginations! I'm starting to have some good ideas about kitchen gardens and layouts for the area out in front of the kitchen/dining room - it was a slopey area once but has had all the stuff dug out for the house dumped on it and flattened, so now is a very clayey plateau. I don't think I really want it to go back to lawn so am mulling over plans for raised garden beds, gravelled meandering paths, non lawn lawns (lawn chamomile, pennyroyal, dichondria etc), pretty dwarf trees (nut trees maybe, and some crabapples?) ... ideas anyone? We have a cool to cold climate up at the house, not quite coastal, sheltered from a lot of the winds, it does frost, and we face north'ish, hilly, apparently we can grow passionfruit, nectarines are supposed to do well, there are many lemon trees around, and of course Tasmania is renowned for it's apples ... this end is a food bowl .... any ideas gratefully received :)