of shower screens, carpet, and holidays

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Date: 25 September 2009 10:52:21

Did I mention we now have carpet? Lovely lovely lovely carpet. I'm so relieved it looks good - it's very hard to tell from a small sample whether you've picked the right thing or you're delusional and have basically laid down something that would look bad in a pub! Phew!

Our two shower screens went in today and they look fabulous, we're so pleased. They're freestanding, 1200mm long, 10mm thick, so very solid and they have just finished off the bathrooms - 1 step closer! Actually, all I have to do is wipe the floor down in the ensuite and it's totally done. A wipe down and one more towel rack (when we did the fixings out from underneath all my boxes) and the bathroom is done too.

and yes, finally, I have 9 days off in a row. We have an enormous list of things to do but I will be able to find some lovely relaxing bits in the middle of all that, which I'm very excited about! First part will be sleeping in tomorrow - yay! And I get the afternoon off 'cause it's the AFL (Australian Rules Football for those who don't know) Grand Final tomorrow - Geelong and St Kilda - and Mr Tasmania is meeting up with some mates to watch ....

Unfortunately, I think I'm starting to enjoy watching AFL ... my grandfather would be very pleased with me as he was a Victorian (where it all started) and played 1st grade as a young man (in and around World War 2 and after). Mum has always watched. I've never really been into any of the codes, AFL, Rugby League, Rugby Union, or soccer (football) .. I played soccer when younger, and I can follow the codes, and appreciate great playing, so I don't look like a complete ignoramus ... but AFL I'm (smack me!) actually starting to enjoy! I picked a team, but a name only, so people will stop asking me :) ... and I can't picture myself EVER buying even a team scarf ... but I guess I won't be completely mind numbingly bored when a game is on ... and the Footy Show (AFL version) is FABULOUS .... ah well, could be worse :)

Oh yes, in other states it's the League Grand Final this weekend too I think ... I never really watched that either ...