of carpet and dust

Categories: life-in-general

Tags: whimsical

Date: 23 September 2009 10:29:00

We now have carpet ! hooray!!!!!! I would post pictures but I'm on the 'other' laptop and 'our' laptop is currently downloading to the portable hard drive so can't - sorry! nice to have a technical reason for a change rather than I'm too tired - 'cause i'm not! :) I'm stuffed, after a yummy butter chicken dinner, but not tired - SUCH a nice change. I got so much done at work today- indeed, this week, should go on holidays more often (next week off), I really do work FAR better to a deadline! and the dust storm over Sydney is unbelievable! My parents live south of sydney, but around 600metres higher and a bit inland ... they've had more orange to yellow than red BUT it has been super freezing cold all day and a howling gale - mum took the phone outside for me to hear the wind and it was eerie - instead of blustering winds that you could almost see blowing the trees about it was a weird whistling almost solid sound - she said it's basically just been blowing 'straight' and loud all day - I'd be on the earplugs by now I reckon! And with earthquakes in melbourne, cricket ball sized hail stones in Crookwell, torrential downpours in southern tasmania (almost 4 inches / 93mm in an hour in one area!) ... well, climate change, end of the world, change of seasons ... I don't know but it's interesting!