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Categories: house-building, gardening, beautiful-husband

Date: 16 September 2009 10:17:55

sorry, still tired, and braindead, so not up to fiddling about with computers and pictures tonight - one slight frustration and the laptop would probably be airborne - which is not great at the best of times but especially not great when it's not your laptop :)

anyhoo, massive amounts of work done at the house today - and I'm sincerely glad I wasn't there to watch the solar panels being carried by a sling held in an excavator boom and placed on the roof .. all perfectly safe and the four guys doing it (including Mr Tas) are all very capable - but still glad I wasn't there to see it!

The double oven is in in the kitchen, all but one downlight is in, the living room pendant lights are in, the pendant lights over the island bench are in, the toilets are in place (cisterns not in yet), the dishwasher is in, all but 4 power points are in, bedroom/bathroom lights are in, Mr Tasmania has finished the linen cupboard (all except the door handle, which another guy is doing when he does all the other door handles), the dining room pendant light will go in tomorrow (they needed to know how low I wanted it ... it's very tempting to do things at 'my' height [around 164cm, 5foot 5 1/2 inches or so] but I have been good and placed things a little higher - bad luck for the enormously tall but if things aren't being sized for my height they're certainly not being sized for anyone else's!

We've discovered one minor miscalculation - which couldn't really be changed without structural work on the frame so we would probably have done it this way anyway - the ironing board cabinet is mounted a little high, so the board is not actually in comfortable position for me (though I have it very low usually anyway) - so Mr Tas will build me a platform which can hang on the back of the laundry door when not in use - those taller than me may find it still a high board but probably won't have too many problems with it.

The excavator man has also dug drains all around the house, plumbers has laid pipes, they've been covered, hole for septic tank dug and tank put it (and also half filled with water to weight it down in case it rains and the rain runs underneath and pops it out of the ground - the ground is still too wet to carry the very heavy blue metal down in the big truck which is being used to cover the tank - the blue metal, not the truck, that is), a big pile of dirt has been spread over the clay plateau in front of the kitchen (I'm trying not to think about how much work it's going to take to turn that into useable garden/lawn/whatever - ouch!), and generally huge amounts of stuff have been done!

And more tomorrow hopefully :)

and to answer tractorgirl - well, we're aiming for the first weekend in October - it's a long weekend (show day) in this part of Tassie (on the Friday), and I have the Monday before off as a flex day so have taken the middle three days as annual leave - I will either be moving stuff in, or finishing stuff off and starting to move in, or laying floorboards so we can finish stuff off and move in ..... we may or may not make that date but we won't be enormously far behind it I don't think ... so, everything crossed, we may well be in by my birthday (which is my other 'date') in mid October - which would be a fabulous present!