Of brothers and visitations

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Date: 27 May 2008 11:52:33

Well, phew, the BroBoss and Chiligirl have been and gone and we're back to normal .. or relatively so, as I'm counting down until my week off! We're heading off to Port Macquarie for a week (Mr Tasmania is on school holidays for two weeks, I've got one week + one day - yay for Public Holidays!) and we're going to visit some friends and get some warmth :)

We had a great time with them, it was really nice to have one of my siblings come and visit - and now they know where I am and what I'm talking about, it's great! I took Friday and Monday off and we took them touring Friday and Saturday - I think we actually wore them out, but it was good ‘cause they saw the ‘normal' boundaries of my life (‘cause I'm not off tripping around Tasmania every day of the week, oddly enough) and they also got a lot of time to sleep, read, veg out etc ... and in my brother's case, play with his phone (yes, he's a phone dweeb, much like my husband ... no wonder they get on!).

We caught up with friends, Chiligirl managed to eat 18 fresh oysters, a dozen fresh scallops, as well as prawns, trevalla, and various other seafoody bits (the fresh fish situation at home, for a girl who grew up in Bondi, is a little dire). We visited one local, awesome, seafoody restaurant twice in fact - and they were only here from Thursday night (late) to Monday evening! The BroBoss had a great time napping, reading the paper, napping, reading a book, napping, faffing about with his phone, napping .. you get the picture.

They gave us a gorgeous numbered print by an artist I love ... in fact I put the print on layby (layaway) whilst we were at a local paper outlet and they snuck back in and paid off the layby so they could give it to us as a thank you at the airport - they drive me nuts at times [as I do them! Don't worry, we're proper siblings, we annoy the heck out of each other :)] but they do know me very very well!

Tonights joy has involved three or four loads of washing, two loads (so far) through the drier, and starting a general tidy up ... as it's only four sleeps to go until we go away! And I'd kinda like to have some clean clothes to take!