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Date: 10 September 2009 09:32:51

I'm so proud of myself, I'm on the 'new' work computer that Mr Tasmania brought home and which has no favourites and I remembered my login url ... yay me! Of course, I do have it written down somewhere as well, but that would've involved getting up .... The husband has now played three games of golf in three days, including one on http://www.barnbougledunes.com.au/ this course - which is rated no 7 worlds best public access golf course and the 35th best course in the world ... which is kinda nice, as it's only about 3 hours away :) he's a happy boy - they didn't win a chicken in their comp today but they enjoyed themselves, there was very little screaming, no golf balls were lost or flung, nor any clubs, so all in all a good golfing day I'd say :) I am continuing to fight of this blasted lurgy which is making me feel hungover basically ... and thank goodness the puppy has decided he's hungover too and is konked out on his mat - i just wasn't up to walking him tonight but with him he's either full on or full off - thank goodness tonight it's obviously off :) - we both get some company and he doesn't drive me bonkers - win/win there! the electrician has been working away - we have lights in lots of rooms, power points, lights under cupboards, sensor lights in wardrobes (yes, we have a light in our wardrobe, it's a walk in wardrobe shared by two people so it's biggish), the cooktop has been installed, I can't wait to clean the place up on Saturday (which could take all day - he's not neat!) and take some photos! The bathtub and vanities are in too, and the toilets are in the right places, just not installed ... will probably upload those some time this weekend .. uploading takes brainpower and patience, neither of which I'm possessing a great deal of at the mo' :) and the best news of all? we've had two whole days of sunshine in a row! Warm, sunny, no breeze, no RAIN, ALL DAY FOR TWO DAYS - it's miraculous! And wonderful! And amazing! and just downright flippin' great :)