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Date: 06 September 2009 23:42:45

well, haven't been on for a while, life is moving at such a pace. However it is now school holidays, Mr Tasmania has brought me home a different laptop with a MUCH better keyboard, he's off working on the house today, and I'm at home fighting off a lurgy, so I thought I should check in!

I've managed to not give in to 6 - 8 weeks of sharing my office with two women (at various times) who have been coughing and spluttering for weeks ... but I have finally given in and decided my lurking chesty cough and block up nose need a day at home in the warm without the phone ringing every 5 minutes ... so I'm basically doing a great deal of not much at all. I've got a load of washing on .... I will fold some clothes in a while ... and I've gone to the extent of getting out the spray polish to dust some shelves but may not necessarily actually use it. And it's pouring outside so I'm not being tempted to go and exert myself in the garden. All in all, doing quite well at the resting thing :)

House is moving on, carpet is ordered, plumber and electrician are up there with the husband today, hopefully fitting off lights, installing bathtubs, doing things with guttering, wiring in ovens and cooktops etc ... now all we need to do is get the youngest brother organised to supply the strips to join tiles/wooden floors and carpet/wooden floors and we should be set for us to start laying the floorboards in a fortnight or so. Septic tank is still to go in the ground but it has now made it down over the fence, courtesy of one of Mr Tasmania's ex students and his flat tray farm truck! Tiler has finished bathroom, ensuite, and laundry (with about 3 square inches of floor tile to spare - phew!) and they look fabulous! SO pleased with the wall tiles - there have been many things about this house that we've just been crossing our fingers on, as we've never built before so have had no real idea if our ideas and designs would actually look any good - or even vaguely as we envisage them ... but so far so good!

The Potato King (Mr Tas's dad) is now out of ICU and down on the medical ward and improving daily. He's elderly so will not bounce back as quickly as he would probably wish - but I think he's making good progress. Mr Tas gave him a transister radio with earpiece for Father's Day yesterday so he can now hear his races and anything else he'd like, which I think will also help bring him along faster - any piece of normality is good!

We did a few things up at the house then went into Burnie to do some much needed clothes shopping for Mr Tas - he got almost everything he wanted which was great :). We've decided to change Mothers/Fathers Day to Mrs Tasmania Day and Mr Tasmania Day - why should we not have a special day, just 'cause we don't have kids? We look after a dog, we have many many many godchildren and nieces and nephews and great-nieces and great-nephews and children that are part of our lives ... so whilst we may not be parents we know we do have an impact on the lives on many children - not least as Mr Tasmania is a school teacher, and therefore stands in loco parentis for a good part of those children's day ...

anyway, he enjoyed his presents, and we had a lovely day.

and yes, it's still raining .... we're up to nearly 2 inches for the month already, which is fairly impressive - the air is getting warmer though so I'm happy about that! Even if I don't have time to garden ....