of painting

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 30 August 2009 08:10:50

one whole room painted, including two very large windows, and all skirting boards, only 1 board to be undercoated and top coated but this was a recent addition for the built in wardrobe so I don't think it counts. I've done all MY stuff in the room anyway :) Have almost finished the garage door jamb (finishing off the bucket of paint) and many windows are masked up and ready to go. Mr Tasmania has almost finished architraving and skirting our bedroom - he ran out of architraving so has painted up another 8 lengths and will move them over in the morning before work and then finish it off after work tomorrow. I may or may not go up and paint (I have a flex day) depends on how much work I get done at home ... I've got a load of washing on now though so that's one of tomorrow's things already off the list - I reckon I'll get up there after lunch - every metre painted is a metre closer to moving in! Lovely parents in law brought up a bilge pump to help empty out the unused as yet(!) septic tank - it's been sitting beside our shed steadily filling up with rain so needed to be emptied and turned over. They also brought up morning tea which went down a TREAT! Stormy Weather arrived with wife and child - just back from 2 and 3 months in the UK respectively - was great to catch up with them and they were really excited with how far the house had come :) The Country Singin' Tiler has officially finished tiling the walls of the en suite, bathroom, laundry and toilet, and will be grouting them tomorrow. Then it's on to the floors and he's done. Due to a delivery mishap and a slight change in plans of ours (ie deciding on tiled shower bases rather than plastic) we will not have enough tiles to do all the floors - however, we have decided to use a combination of the two sizes of matt cream wall tiles to do the toilet floor - and I'd have to say I'm actually pleased it's worked out this way. Our blue floor tiles are not really that dark BUT the toilet is small, as toilets generally are, and the cream tiles will brighten it up a lot. My blue cupboard which is going in there will also look better against cream tiles AND, before you tell me they will show the dirt more, I'm okay with them showing the dirt more - to me, I'd rather know that the floor of the toilet is dirty and clean it rather than either thinking it's clean 'cause I can't see any dirt against the blue OR cleaning it every five minutes ... 'cause I can't see any dirt against the blue so will clean it just in case. So, the cream will be good for my sanity if nothing else :)