of satisfaction

Categories: house-building, life-in-general, beautiful-husband

Date: 29 August 2009 10:31:21

Very satisfying day at the house - at least when it's apparently permanently raining you don't actually have any wish to be outside ..... architraving, bag of plaster/putty/wood dust weighing at least 3kg's vacuumed up (seriously!), masked up a heap of windows ready for painting tomorrow, brought 3 crates, 1 large box, 4 vacuum bags, 1 small stripey bag, and a random small bag up from the parents in law's garage to the shed ....

What started out as a crappy day has ended up a great day .. and I'm finishing it off with a glass of 3 Bridges Durif - a variety of grape I have not tried before - a lovely solid fruity red, a nice change from my favourites - Merlots, CabSavMerlot, Cab Sav, etc (are you sensing a theme?). I do like to try new wines, whites, pinks, sparkling, not a fan of the dry wines of any colour, but I do tend to veer on back to Merlot ... oh and the odd Shiraz :)