of lovely husbands and more progress

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Date: 28 August 2009 10:57:20

My gorgeous husband surprised me with a present yesterday - from offcuts of the huon pine log that our internal stairs are being built of (from?) he has hand carved me a deep bowled spoon and made a beautiful chopping board for our new kitchen.

Talented, gorgeous, and thoughtful - what else could I need? They're currently in the pantry in the new kitchen - the first items (other than tools) that have been put in the kitchen!

And here are some photos:
Laundry tub with tile skirting and 'splashback'
20 - 27 August 2009 Laundry

Laundry tile skirting
20 - 27 August 2009 Laundry 'skirting board'

Architrave/skirting waiting to be painted - thank goodness it's pre undercoated
20 - 27 August 2009 Architrave waiting to be painted

First window/room architraved and skirted
20 - 27 August 2009 Architraving

First bathroom wall tiled (no grout yet)
20 - 27 August 2009 Bathroom wall 1

Second bathroom wall tiled
20 - 27 August 2009 Bathroom wall 2

So, tomorrow we're off to putty and sand and paint architraves and skirting boards and door jambs and doors and more architraves ... and a few other jobs as well - hopefully we'll get a few moments of sunshine while we're doing that :)