of bloody stupid airlines

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 27 August 2009 10:41:14

Jetstar sucks, don't ever trust a booking you've made with them. I made a booking 6 months ago which would've allowed us to do the two hour drive from work in good time to get to the airport for the only flight they had on the day -after work. I have now been informed via email that the flight has been changed to the middle of the afternoon - who on earth flies on a WORK DAY in the middle of the afternoon?!!!!! Idiots - I'm thinking lots worse words ..... So, Mr Tasmania will have to take a carers day to look after his wife who is having a massive hissy fit! I'll take a half day of annual leave. It will actually suit us better 'cause we'll be able to meet friends for dinner in Sydney - but that still doesn't mean it's right or fair! Jetstar SUCKS!