of handymen husbands :)

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 24 August 2009 11:34:00

who can architrave and skirting board like a maniac :) .. one bedroom completely done, just waiting for me to mask it up and paint the second coats on on the weekend. Second bedroom arced/skirted and puttied - sanding tomorrow and then it's ready to go. He'll then start on our bedroom.

By the time I got up there he was nearly done with today's jobs so I went and started painting the next 8x 5.4 metre lengths of architraving. He arrived to help me with those and we left the block by 7,30pm - not too bad really, were glad to get home and make/eat out tacos - it was 6.4deg C at 5.45pm so I've no idea what temp it was at 7,30 - flippin' cold would be my guess!

Satisfying to get all that done though, we'll have heaps done by the weekend - every metre painted, every nail put in, every little bit sanded is just that much closer to moving in!

in other news, my new office furniture at work has gone in and I'm now working in a purpose designed work space, that actually looks new and clean and professional - hooray! Life truly is much easier when everything is organised and 'nice'!