of sore toes

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 23 August 2009 07:16:41

Prayers would be appreciated for Mr Tasmania's feet if anyone has a moment ... he (very rarely now these days) gets stress related gout in the toes on occasion - and he has it now.

Stress because of being tired and having spent three days with school children 24/7 doing the rock eisteddfod in Hobart (ie not here!) and thinking of the house and trying to work as well and all that sort of stuff - not stress at horrible bad things happening - 'cause basically life is pretty good!

He just needs a brain break poor love - and that's a break away from doing stuff not a breakdown! :)

I don't get gout I just get snippy ... progressing to snarky ... then to shitty ...then to being an outright bitch .... but I'm not there at the moment, apart from the sore head where he hit me with the door (laundry I think) and a sore knee from wearing boots for too long (Blundstones) I'm great :)