of ... days

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 23 August 2009 07:13:02

well, which part of my day did I enjoy the most? The bit where we discovered that the tiler loves country music? And American country music at that?

Or the bit where he played it (loud!) for two solid hours - and I swear it was all the same song!?

Or the bit where it took me nearly two hours to tape up and paint a window which, seriously, is only about a metre square ... 'cause every five minutes I had to get down the ladder to carry something, move something, find something, give an opinion on something, or show my mother in law through the kitchen (that part was okay - she liked it!)?

Or the bit where my husband and the tiler appeared to be competing to see who could use the loudest tool - drop saw, compressor, tile cutter, hammer in confined space, etc etc etc ... I'll include the CD player in that list too!

Or the bit (this is my favourite) where I was called away from the window (again!) to help husband take a door off it's hinges - and he then proceeded to HIT ME ON THE HEAD WITH THE DOOR!

I'm just really really really glad that in all of that I finished the window (including sanding putty etc) and did some other stuff (including helping husband nail on the first of the skirting boards) and I can see where I've been.

And now I'm a home smelling lamb and red wine casserole - yay for the slow cooker! :)