of husbands and architraving and mates

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Tags: Building, mates, good times

Date: 22 August 2009 11:35:57

very very happy to have Mr Tas home again from three days in Hobart with the school kids (competing in the Rock Eisteddfod) - missed him very much! Don't like being 'single' anymore, had far too much of that! I have been painting architraving today - 8 lengths of 5.4 metres, 2 sides and 1 side (back obviously doesn't need doing) - 2nd coat will go on after they're installed (if you're ever building order your architraves pre undercoated - I really couldn't imagine having to do these three times - 400 metres of architraving!). Just had a great hour on the phone with The Valkyrie - really good catchup, we used to email each other every day and chat on the phone and see each other at least twice a week - miss that!