of rain and prayers

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 20 August 2009 20:35:58

I'm sitting here listening to the rain... again ....

I've checked the weather site - www.bom.gov.au .. Tas ... NW Takone radar ... and yes, that's us under the rain ... again ....

I checked over my parents place ... NSW ... Sydney radar ... big fat FREAKIN' nothing again!

They had 7mm rain last month ... and not much more the month before ... and virtually nothing this month. I watched a heavy rain band run in a line across half the state yesterday and said doesn't look like the parents are getting any - Mr Tas said you can't tell from a radar really ... but there was a little blank bit right in the middle of the rain band ... and yes, they got nothing. Two drips, as my mother said - she's so positive, she said well, at least we had cloud!

You pray and you pray and you pray some more.... but after a while you begin to think what the hell are we doing wrong? My parents are two of the most godly people I know ... and they pray hard and do their best, and acknowledge they are human and that sometimes that isn't all that great ... but I'm really starting to get cheesed off with God about this - especially when the surrounding towns get rain and, yet again, they get nothing.

And, yet again, we get rain. We're at the saturation point. The farm dams are full, the creeks are full, the town dams are having water let OUT of them, there's water running down cliff faces, the waterfalls are full (if you want a tourist trip of Tassie's fabulous waterfalls now's your moment!), the entire north east of the state is basically floating out to sea ... it's enough now, time for it to go elsewhere, please God!