of beautiful days

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 19 August 2009 10:07:52

After my whinging about the weather – we have had beautiful sunshine all day! It’s been a wonderful day, springlike, just gorgeous … unfortunately I am inside at my desk but still, I have had the odd opportunity to get outside and into it – lovely!

It will all change tomorrow but that’s okay – you can deal with a week of rain if you get at least one sunny day in there somewhere :)

I went up early this morning to the house to check out the kitchen – it looks so good, I’m very excited that it’s all turning out as I planned. Of course the proof is in the cooking! But at this point I’m very very happy with it :)

I’m getting in the mood for doing a bit more in the garden (this will no doubt change when it starts to rain again!) … I’ve got a couple of areas that I want to plant with pink daisies (Federation daisies) and lavender – probably English, possibly French, still deciding – there’s an Australia lavender too, wouldn’t mind some of that …. So I’m thinking I may have to toddle off and grab a few punnets of them and get them into larger pots to do a bit of growing on …. In the meantime I can dig up the ground where I want them to go and start adding some good stuff to it. No point in putting the plants in yet ‘cause I’m bound to plant them in just the spot the plumber wants to dig a trench!