of kitchens and packing and weird winter weather

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 17 August 2009 10:34:07

weather first - it's weird ... sunny one second, splatty sideways rain the next, gusts of gale force wind, then dead still and sunny again ... all on a half hour or so rotation ... quite bizarre ... far more spring than winter!
Ah well, at least I saw the sun :) ... and managed to have the door of the house open and the heat pump off for quite some time today - lovely!

I've started packing up odds and sods from the shack to take up to the shed... mad random collections of things ... currently sitting near the door are the following: a singer sewing machine (circa 1974, working, courtesy of my grandmother, given to me before she died), a bag of handbags (nearly as much of a problem as my shoe buying!), a travel toiletry bag (Large) with enormous amounts of random cosmetic/toiletry type gear (and the hair brushes I never use), two small storage boxes containing pictures, cross stitch cotton, ribbons, small items of pottery, and a set of silver goblets given to us as an engagement present (told you it was random), 3 large cardboard boxes containing books, DVD's, small stuffed animals, small plastic animals, a gorgeous crocheted rug (courtesy of above mentioned grandmother, a bit of a handicrafts legend), oh, and a large Elm*, a hammock in a bag, a fit ball (large, blue, not mine!).

As I said, odds and sods :) ...

And the joined started installing the kitchen today ... Mr Tas brought home 4 pics which are very exciting ... and I haven't had time or impetus to put them up on flickr yet, so may bypass that section completely and put up some tomorrow night of the progress from tomorrow :) ... we'll see!

No real idea what happened in the world today - flex days are great - a random mix of cleaning, gardening, packing at present which will become unpacking and rearranging when we move, reading my fortnightly magazine purchase, watching my three cooking shows, and just generally pottering - love it!
Oh, and another two hummingbird cakes - SO glad Semele put me on to them, though I may have to stop putting the cream cheese icing on them - it's tempting to just sit down and eat the bowl of icing!