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Tags: House Building 2009

Date: 15 August 2009 10:20:49

well, actually internet thingies I guess - my camera has decided that it is not talking to the computer this evening so photos of today's events will be delayed .. probably only until tomorrow though :) The photos were essentially of all the kitchen pieces (it is being put together on Monday) all laid out - looking fabulous! Today we vacuumed and painted and carried things around - vacuuming sounds relatively benign but in reality was a lot of work with the industrial vacuum sucking up odds and sods of nails, plaster, plaster dust, sawdust, bugs etc etc etc from around the edges of every room and window and doorway in the house - 2 hours later .... but still, it's a lot cleaner, the painter is charging along, and things are happening. And there were also some lovely pics of the wattle trees down the bottom of our hill starting to flower - beautiful!