of architraving and deliveries

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 12 August 2009 20:17:53

Last night was great .. we painted 8 lengths architraving/skirting board ... which need to go on today around the windows in the bathroom so the tiler can start tiling ... it's very complicated and we will still have to paint another coat on them in situ. Complicated because we've got to fit getting them painted in around everything else. 400 metres of architraving (twice - thank God we bought pre undercoated!), 9 door jambs (2 sliding doors on the ensuite and wardrobe are already in place so we'll paint them later), 11 doors (also pre undercoated but needing 2 coats). The large shed is coming in very handy - though there are limits 'cause there's still so much other stuff in there. The painter is doing really well, amazing how different the laundry looks now it's fully painted, and the kitchen has had a coat of undercoat and looks enormous now :) Mr Tasmania's Huon Pine has been put through the thicknesser and dressed and looks lovely - smells amazing too - will make beautiful stairs. The septic tank was delivered (we're not on town service), it's hilarious, looks like a giant brown flowerpot (taller than me) .... the hot water system and its solar panels were delivered, and Mr Tas and the plumber put the tank under the house. on another note, I'm just listening to another report on the jewel robbery in England - I'm still finding it hard to believe that a shop has items worth 83 million (Aus $) ... and that was only 43 items, there's more in there! .... it's the sort of thing you know intellectually ('cause it's the sort of shop I'll certainly never be buying from [even if I won 40mill, couldn't justify it!]) but mind boggling really