of building and decisions

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Date: 09 June 2008 03:33:08

we're in the midst of commencing all the biz to build our house. Looking at lot and lots and LOTS of options in all sorts of areas.

One thing we did do while we were away was decide on an oven ... which may seem minor but do you know how many different types of ovens there are? Good grief.....

anyway ... whilst I love the gorgeous freestanding wide ovens which are now available, I really only want one of those if I can have it as natural gas ... and we'll only be able to have an LPG tank (a big one though) ... they can be converted but that costs more and is just a hassle I think in the end, when I'm okay with ceramic or induction cooktops too ... so we're going with a F&P one and a half oven, wall mounted... and I'll make a decision on the stove top soon :)

It was lovely to be able to wander around Hardly Normal and spend as much time as we wanted just checking things out ... and, in a larger population area, to see SO many more options than are available to us here.