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Tags: House Building 2009

Date: 28 July 2009 10:35:58

You know, the more I think about it, the more I’m glad we’re not doing it! Mr Tas informs me that the garage was undercoated yesterday … wonder what will get done today? It’s cold and rainy so maybe nothing … unfortunately you can’t use most paints in temps below 10deg C … otherwise it literally just runs down the wall (as my mum knows to her cost, after getting impatient at one point in her seemingly neverending painting of the renovations … she was just the teensiest bit annoyed with herself for being such a goose!) I honestly just have no idea when we would’ve fitted painting in ….. and the idea of me taking a week off work and painting away up there by myself in the cold was definitely NOT appealing! (Mr Tas being a teacher is unable to apply for holidays when he wants them …) I’m even happier about our paint choices … there’s no wild colours or feature walls (at the moment) so it’ll all be pretty easy …. It’s come to my mind because we have a handyman in at work at the moment, who is painting one wall and doing patchup work on chips and dings on other walls and doorways etc … so far we’ve got 2 wall colours, a skirting board and picture rail colour, and the door surrounds are another colour … and then there is the window architraving …. The last owner of this house (our office is an old house that has been converted rather randomly over the years) was allegedly an artist … and I’ve seen some of her artwork … so I shouldn’t be surprised that the paint choices are so individual … not particular nice either to be honest. Grayish, pale brownish, eggplant/bruise purple … yes, I work in a sprained ankle!