of kitchens and plaster and painters

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Date: 25 July 2009 22:34:13

there will be pictures :) for the moment .... we checked out the completed (!!!!) kitchen on Friday night - it looks AWESOME!!!! Thanks to all of you who gave me your kitchen must haves and total hates, I took them all into account, as well as looking at (at least!) 10,000 pictures of kitchens in magazines and online (not to mention scoping out all the real ones I've been in in the last 2 years!) and it looks great. I think it's exactly what we want :) ... it'll now get pulled apart and transported up in the next few weeks or so - yay! The plaster is all up, so we have rooms which looks amazing. The plasterer has paper taped everything and will start sanding it all tomorrow (starting with the garage, so the painter can start there, so we can get the garage door on, so the house will then be finally at lock up - crikey!). Funny, plaster gives us rooms but now the house is dark in weird places - so yet again it will undergo a transformation when the lights go in and on :) The painter is a funny old guy but I think will do a really good job- he worked with Mr Tasmania years ago, in a very different job. Will be fantastic to see the first bits of paint go on - you think plaster is white until you see white paint on it! D*lux Antiqu* White USA for those who wish to know, with half strength H*g Bristle for architraves etc ... feature walls may or may not come later, we'll see.