Of plastered and bagged

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Date: 21 July 2009 09:57:20

No, not us of course, the house!

Plaster hangers have been working away and, as of this afternoon, we have the garage, wall of the kitchen, half wall, and our 'suite' to go .. the rest has had the plaster hung - and it now looks very much like a house - awesome!!!!

As so many people are taking the government up on its free ceiling insulation offer there has been a delay on the final insulation in the garage but that's okay, it's coming! The plasterer himself will be in next week to start all the finishing work.

I met with the renderer this morning to work out how we want our bagged finish to look and work out colours - and Mr Tas took pics of the work results today - and they look AMAZING!!!!!

Tiler, plumber, and painter are all coming up on Saturday to discuss timetables and next works etc so it continues at speed. I must say seeing the walls go up and the bagging results have rejuvenated me somewhat - have been VERY tired over the last three days or so but now feeling a bit more energetic and revived :)

View from front door down hallway to dining, living room, etc
210709 Hallway plastered

View from kitchen over half wall into living room
210709 Plastered walls and ceiling kitchen and living room

Kitchen is almost plastered
210709 Kitchen almost plastered

Back patio with new, wet (brighter!) bagging applied
210709 Bagging on back patio

Back wall - along garage and study
210709 Garage and study wall bagged