of seriously bad truck drivers ... and insulation!

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 15 July 2009 11:05:27

Honestly …. I have no idea what would have happened if our driveway was boundaried by brick fences or solid structures ….

Not one but TWO truck drivers have managed to damage our driveway and solar lights in the last two days. The men who delivered the plaster yesterday backed into the pole bordering the curve of the driveway, pushed it aside, tore down a corner of the dirt bank, and left a hell of a mess. And it’s not a small pole, it’s a retired telegraph pole!

Today, the guy picking up the scaffolding managed to not only run into that pole but roll it over, taking with it (and ruining) the solar lights that were on it.

In both cases it’s not a huge amount of damage. In both cases neither had the grace to report the damage to their bosses so they could report it to us. In both cases Mr Tasmania told both their bosses not to worry about fixing it as it won’t be expensive – but it’s time and it’s annoyance and it’s just plain incompetence and rudeness … especially as they’d been told to back down the driveway so they wouldn’t have to turn around. For goodness sakes, our friend who drives a dump truck (usually with an excavator on the back, sometimes with up to 14 tonnes of rock!) can manage it, why on earth couldn’t these guys?

As Mr Tasmania said to their bosses – one day they’ll hit something and cause real damage - what on earth would they have done if we had had brick walls?

I guess we should just thank God they didn’t try and turn around near the house!

on the up side however - the plaster hangers put in all the steel battens and started putting insulation in the ceiling and walls! They started in the living room, which now has half the ceiling done ... and it felt so great to stand in the dining room looking down over the half wall to Mr Tasmania standing with a light in the middle of a room - that felt like a room! Very very VERY cool!